How traditional doctors view holistic healing

In the past decade, there’s been an ongoing debate in the medical circles addressing the holistic approach to the human health. Doctors and medical authorities that gain their knowledge by a hardcore scientific approach to human health – where every symptom or a disease has its scientific explanation for itself – often disregards the possibility for alternative treatments.dr rosenberg nova mi

Today we want to explore this subject a little bit more and to find out how traditional doctors look at holistic healing.

Is holistic better than traditional?

First, let’s try to break down the traditional healing and the holistic one. Traditional healing is based on the belief that every disease has its cure. The first thing a traditionally trained doctor will do is to examine the symptoms and then to make a correlation between them, to get into the core of the problem. By considering the symptoms that are strictly related to the body, the doctor obtains the information that is incomplete. At least that’s something a holistic doctor firmly believes.

For holistic healing, the body is not the only thing we should be concerned about. It’s just a one-third of the compound mind-body-spirit system that controls the overall human life. In holistic medicine, the suffering of the body – expressed in the forms of various diseases – is closely related to the plight of the mind or spirit. Seeing the man as the whole, and not as the part, holistic doctors gain more insightful data on the actual medical state of their patients.

Can a traditional doctor practice holistic healing?

Although the two approaches to healing differ drastically – at least in the sense of the way a medical expert looks at the disease – there are some cases where doctors trained in the tradition of the Western medicine enriched their knowledge and approach with holistic medicine. Dr Rosenberg Novi MI is one of those cases – after studying pain for many years, he decided to make certain changes to his approach. Instead of treating the pain as another sign of a body-related issue, he started to look for an alternative way to help his patients deal with the pain. That way, he ran into holistic healing, which advocates that the essence of one’s health is the balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit.

What can a holistic healer learn from the traditional medicine?

The benefits of practicing (and being the subject of the training) holistic healing are numerous. First of all, you’re getting the complete assessment of your health – both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. That way, you get the full insight into your health and the things you need to improve your lifestyle to enjoy the total benefits of being healthy. However, holistic healing is not a shortcut for a self-sufficient discipline. To get a valid information on your health, holistic healers still need the assistance of the traditional medicine.