What Mattress to choose if you’re suffering from Back Pain?

You may suffer from the worse back pain if you’re using a wrong mattress for sleeping. A good sleeping posture is encouraged with the help of the perfect mattress. It also provides healthy and wholesome sleep and makes your muscles feel relaxed. Those who are using a wrong mattress mostly suffer from a severe back pain, especially in the morning.

It is a fact that people who’re not using the right mattress will suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. It is found in different studies that more than 32 million Americans suffer from the back pain. It is also found that more than 40 – 60 % Americans have to face the sleeping problems due to the wrong selection of mattress.

The body aches and pains are the major reason behind all this discomfort and the reason behind the backaches is the uncomfortable mattress or pillows. In other words, if you need a good night sleep without any discomfort and want to stay safe from aches and pain, then you must choose the perfect mattress for your body.

So, after conducting some in-depth research we have created a list of the best pillow top mattress to buy so that you can find the perfect match for your body and stay safe from all kind of health problems. Let’s take a look at the best mattresses from back pain relief.


The effective springy action of this mattress makes it become the best mattress for back pain. It can provide you the perfect sleeping experience at night or in the morning. People with back problem find it extremely effective for their body. Most of the buyers claim that the Latex mattress makes their different parts of the body feel relaxed such as neck, hips, and shoulders.

It ensures the full body contact and maximizes the natural body contouring as the spongy material gently pushes into the body. As a result, it provides you the great spinal alignment and pressure point relief. We highly recommend this mattress to people who generally need an orthopedic mattress or are suffering from back problems.

Memory Foam

It is found in the research that memory provides a higher level of satisfaction to the people who are suffering from the back problem. It is also found in some studies that it provides joint pain relief to people who use it.

The unique behavior and properties of memory foam are the reason behind such a higher level of satisfaction.

You must make sure that you choose the high-density foam for your body as it provides a better experience to the body.


The pocket spring mattress is another option that provides the full body support. A huge amount of unique individual springs are used in these mattresses inside fabric. If you weigh more than 420 lbs, you must consider choosing the mattress that has 2000+ springs in it.