3 Reasons Why Weight Affects Self-Esteem

According to an estimate by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 42 percent of the American population will be obese by the time we reach 2030. As we witness an obesity rise of epic proportions, there is indeed great cause for concern. Although the most obvious worry is regarding the physical health status, being overweight or obese has an impact on an individual’s emotional status, too, and can greatly reduce his or her self-esteem.

Excess Weight Can Mean Low Self- Confidence

Ever noticed the way you want to look your best for an important event – the prom at school, a job interview or a wedding? Physical appearance and dressing contribute majorly to your self-image; if you think you do not look good enough, or that being overweight detracts from your appearance, it could cause a massive loss of self-confidence. What you think of your body has a great influence on what you think of yourself as a person; if you believe that your being overweight makes you look bad, it is bound to make you feel less confident of your abilities. Following one of the effective Weight Loss diet programs to lose weight is therefore as important for your self-confidence as it is for your health.

Low Self-confidence Is Linked to Depression

When your confidence dips low, it is quite likely that you do not find the energy and enthusiasm to focus on your job; in turn, this can cause you to fail to attain your goals. If this keeps happening repeatedly, there is a likelihood of you slipping into depression. Of course, depression is a deep subject with varied causes right from life circumstances to biology but the fact remains that when your confidence is at an ebb, you are more likely to feel low for longer. If you keep comparing your body with that of others and feel shame and anxiety, this poor body image can easily lead to depression that is difficult to overcome. Some people enthusiastically embark on one of the popular Weight Loss diet programs someone recommends but expect quick results and when those are not forthcoming, slip even deeper into depression.

Lack of Social Life

People who are obese may find it difficult to stomach the way they get stared at in public. While some will turn a blind eye – at least in public – others cannot do so and instead, give up on going out altogether. Sometimes, the poor body image an overweight person has may make him or her feel unattractive to people and this can cause him or her to avoid situations that call for socializing. Of course, if a person is naturally of the introverted type, this may not make a big difference; but for someone who has a more extroverted personality, it could be very difficult to bear.

Self-esteem is something that goes hand in hand with our body image and therefore, being overweight or obese can affect your self-esteem. While it is undoubtedly essential to learn to love ourselves for factors other than our appearance, it is also important to do what we can to lose weight by following one of the Weight Loss diet programs that have proved effective over the years.